every point in life..
deserves a question
a question which carries millions of answers...
a question which arises million others..
a question none would ever have thought of...
a question which everyone hesitates to ask..
thats life...
a question of all questions..
a question whose answer none has found as yet
some say there is no answer at all...
and some feel the answer is within you..
actually... a question always has an answer...
how so ever stupid it might be...
may be you are too lazy to find the answer out..
by hitting off the norms of your brain..
or perhaps the answer's too bitter
for you to realize...
either ways, the answer Exists..!!!!

people say,
you never question about your existence,
you never ask what life is,
you never are inquisitive,
and never would you think of such a question..
which your so called mighty brain says...
Is Stupid to think of..
truth is that,
you ask what is life...
you think over it
you sleep over the question.
and when you realize you are'nt really sleeping
cause the question's eating more than half
of your unused cerebrum, cerebellum.. and what so ever is there...
you quarantine it in the "stupid question list" or,
vault it as a non answerable statement,
like the political issue of "who'll take responsibility"
and thats it... its dead..
someday again you think...
repeat all steps from point 0
may ba try a different way..
and the answer is the same..
null change..
get back to sleep...

One day,
the inquisitive you,
goes online, or reads some book..
you see, people with your same questions
some great person has answered them..
you don't think but would just accept..
cause what he said seema absolutely perfect
you thinks he's great
you start worshiping him..
but what he deserves is not a worship..
Its an appreciation..

You search for anwers on the book, magazines..
and god knows where else "some one elses brain have worked"
the one thing you missed..
is search within you...
well.. its totally agreeable that you don't know...
but why can't one think over the fact.. "how did that person arrive at the answer for my question, which i seem to accept??"

Thats where you come into the shoes of enlightenment...
people wont accept this last line..
"Shoes"... "enlightenment"?!?!?
cause its in the mind that most of the enlightened people don't wear shoes..
they walk bare footed....
so what.. lets make a difference..
lets wear the boots of enlightenment.. which prtects you
from stepping on shits of ignorance,
from the thorns of stupidity,
bugs of impeccable flaws... :P
and well o well.... keep you safe and clean..!!!

i neither blame nor preach...
its just my stupidity that i corrected..
all the "you"s used to go to me...
so when does it go off from you????

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