Deepthi told me...write what you think about yourself... jus gave it a try.... hmm.. 'm more interesting than i thought i am..!!!

read these to see the world through my eyes.
Well, thats' not gonna make any difference......

I like people being themselves.I like being myself.I like chocolates.I like ice-cream.I like adventures.I like cold coffee.i like cold coffee topped with cream.i like froth.i like fizzzzz.I like talking.I like talking a lot.I like talking to strangers.I like making friends.I like falling in love.I like the thesaurus than dictionary.I like rain.I like getting wet in rain.I love rain.I hate working without interest.I like freedom in my own terms.I like long walks.I like talking spiritual with dad.I like people trusting me.I like trusting people.I like having crushes.I like being in short term commitments.i like quick shopping.I like fresh air gushing onto me.I like speed.I like split second decisions.I like shilly-shally mood swings.I like being spontaneous.I like being humorous.I like laughing at my own jokes.I like smiling with no reason.I like to cry on someone's shoulder.I like saying "can't we still be friends?" after a breakup.I like my friends.I like music.I like getting stranded in a lonesome place with a chosen friend.I like to dance when no one's around.I dance to loud music in my studio.I like to sing in the shower.I like being noticed, not for looks.I believe in my dreams.I like day dreaming.I like fall more than spring.I like spring more than summer.I like summer the least.I like tea.I like beating around bushes.I like consoling and counseling.I like having cheap desires.I like lil things of life.I like night.I like darkness.I like the moon.and like lying on the terrace and gazing stars.I like to cry occasionally.I like my eyes.I like expressive eyes.I like songs with good lyrics but tune matters too.I like sharing secrets.I like stripes.I like circles.I like retro (except for the psychedelic shades).I like flip-flops.I like my mobile.I like computers.I like Photoshop.I like the internet.I like sweet people.I like art of any kind.I like blogging.I like English.I like English music.I like melody.I like melancholy.I like the guitar.I like French…I like spicy life.I like the word like.I love the word love.I like to say love in place of all likes.I like saying I love you.I like hearing someone saying I love you… like talking about death,but I'm no sadist.I like jumping around.I like sleeping.I like taking charge.I like being lonely with music.I like going out with friends.I like partying.I like being with people who like being with me.I like being loud.I like waling on sea shore.I like collecting wrappers…I like nature…I like soft toys.I like surprises.I like gifts.I like Christmas.I like colors.I like writing this way.I like my grandma's rasam.I like talking to plants.

I believe lil pleasures are often the greatest happiness.I love kids.I love my dad.I believe in reincarnation.I believe a peck n hug can heal anything.

I don’t like to throw away stuffs after use.I don’t like to keep secrets of myself.I hate sad faces.I hate marriage.I hate breaking hearts but do it.I hate being ignored.I hate being concerned about beauty.I hate pink.I don't understand sarcasm.I hate it when I lose the keys.I hate being taken for granted.I hate male chauvinist.I hate waking up early.I hate being a bookworm.I hate biographies.I hate non fiction.I hate being shackled.I hate pessimism.I hate breaching trust.I hate racists.I hate hypocrites.I hate drama queens.

To be added….

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