Does this soulmate thing exist?? did i really find my soulmate? ofcourse i so totally believe i did... he's perfectly how i wished.. but is that true you should marry your soulmate.. just when you are 19.. should you even think about the teram marriage, is marriage worth it?? or be it a realationship that absolutely runs as if its goal is marriage? whay can't soulmates be just friends? or may be a relationship unnamed cauze i'm an aquarian who calls even an aquaintance as a friend!

"I'm in a snit, 'cause my only slip knot was snicked. Hail the spitfire the, now stricken, snap dragon slicked!!!"

i felt bad.. cause i broke it open.. into pieces of comprehendable words, just in case he mis understands,.. and as i doubted he did mis understand..!! :)

"the flecked coin fliped with a slick flick, of the fink, n flew to the final flank,
fling! a friend turned foe and a foe to a forever friend, in just the right click!"

I went back.. spoke again.. proved my point n here i am... gained a friend back who became a foe.. made him a friend for life.. what more do i need.. a frameless photograph... merged on the wall in a camouflage!

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