Thanks Vicky for makin me write this,
Thanks suu... for letting vicky know that i write too!

“Is it 12 already?” shrieks a Martian voice. “Oh my god, AKKA! Please 5 minutes Akka, please...” squeak a couple of Venusians’ voices in unison. And the countdown begins, as the lady chauffer ( ‘cause she drives us mad, almost everytime) starts off with her coerces - her bad “black-mail” attempts, plus the male security guards, who suddenly out of nowhere, come off for their “unimportant” rescue mission of how-to-clear-the junction-traffic with their initial ‘pleases’ and ‘will you’s’ and later leading to ‘lemme complain to the C.E.O’ (they ought to get a bit more creative Please!!) and in the end they win (hands down of course) and so it all comes to an end. The whole thing looks so comic and sometimes we, the Venusians walk back to our planet laughing out louder than we are supposed to which wakes our den’s manager (we being the damager of her peace) up. Time goes by so swiftly when you’re, well... err... at the junction, for ANY reason!! But wait, where did this all start?? To know that, you gotta know this:
“The junction” is actually, technically speaking, the unification spot of the crooked route to designer-hood, the Mars and the Venus. In Brief, an open, sunny and busy space of “multiple-utility” and an inevitable part of our hostel life. No no, don’t be too creative, it’s just a “radii manipulated” road that leads into the areas mentioned above. It’s the last spot where both the elements from different planets meet and after which they are ought to become aliens living in different hells or heavens. I leave it for you to decide.
It’s amazing how no matter of which part of the year, as in be the peak-jury-fever-times or the cool sem-jus-started times, the traffic in the junction never comes down to a zero, ever.
The junction carries a curse (lol), Thanks to our dear chauffer’s narrow mind’s interpretation of what the damagers oops, I mean the Managers of either hostels have said “no one should be seen at the junction”.so to just make her a bit happy we now shifted about 2 meters away from the actual median, to the old hunched light man (The pole) so that we are “officially not at the junction”. She said “sit anywhere but the junction”. Didn’t she??
Birthday parties, social interaction sessions, waiters, discussion boards, did i say Gossips?? Street light dinners, culturals, a trade-centre: to be mentioned, the business centre for the producer (usually the Venusians) and the consumer or rather the hog-head (you know who!) and the traded (anything, I mean ANY-THING!!!). Apart from us, so called humans there are lil so called reptiles (don’t we find them so much similar to a few members of our cult?) who bite on the arses of innocent *ahem ahem* adians!
You can’t call it yet a day here until you haven’t bid adieu at the junction to your loved or not so loved ones. So while at the verge of leaving this over trafficked lil area, they almost shed tears and say “bye, byes” and “Good nights” as If singing, “Leavin’ on a jet plane...”
And so the days at Dj goes on and on and ends at junction every single day, (for some, begins there too). With so many things happening how can one ‘not be’ at the junction??


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