Well, my product for S.P.D (simple product design) this year is an Asthma Inhaler by Cipla.

Four main inferences that i acquired from the people of Coimbatore during the research phase:

The first set of people think they know exactly what you're gonna ask even before a sylabble escapes my mouth! They start, "you get this at the medical shop *hand pointed at the direction i came from* over there". (Don't i know that??)
The medical shop guy, "People won't buy if u sell this opened inhaler" or "no replacement".
The female at a prestige SMART kitchen shop smartly said "sorry we don't sell these here".
I mean do they think people are that DUMB?? Why the hell can't you listen to me first??

The second type think you're gonna sell "this used peice of crap" to them. (how insightful!!) They start like, "we don' wanna buy this". I sprang back at this female at the bus stop who gave me this reply saying "neither am i gonna give you this!" and walked off. Guess what? I had actually spoken about what i do and what i want from her and she hadn't listened to me at all!! *sigh*

The rest just nodded their head in all possible directions. What should i interpret from that 360 degree nod now??

The final set that kept me going are the frequent dose of good people who have asthma or bronchitis along with adequate quantity of cute looking guys of which majority are fit who looked cute when they nodded to say no, but where inquisitive to ask what that "thing" was!!
WOW Coimbatore has good looking people too... :)


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