It seems to me, the most righteous thing to do,
But, Haven't I felt this way before too?
Love never had or has any hard and fast rules,
for me to check and tick on the list.

Something tells me I'm right
while the rest of me still quivers amidst the,
Tug off war at the back of my head.

It seems as if its just been a moment since we laughed at our lame jokes
just a minute since I tugged onto your arm...
Not even a second past, since I lay awake watching you sleep peacefully,
And now I'm miles away, with you only in my memories...

Loving someone has never been such an arduous task;
But living up to it has always been one to me.
For now what could be my only insight is...
I'm afraid, I'm repeating my favorite mistake... yet again...


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