I miss those days

when I could just randomly ramble and rhyme
with a few Fidel admirers down the corner asking me to write them a few words or even more instead!
Some asking me why I didn't opt for journalism rather than design (seriously?)
and the others asking me to start copyrighting (That reminds me I still haven't read up on what that term means exactly)
Ok enough beating around the bushes now...

I miss those days
When I could choose between making sense
and to rhyme
when I had the freedom to write nonsense
and waste all my time

I miss those days
When family stays away from your secrets
The dirty and the wild
you chose who reads what and spare all the regrets
getting your priorities nailed!

I miss those days
when I was just learning
and hence I can make mistakes on a daily basis.
Eat Ice creams when it is raining
and write about it a blog, like a thesis.

Now I am old and have to impress
Strangers and random people who might search me on Google
"Be professional and give your blog a proper address,
'cuz otherwise you'd have to struggle!"

I miss those days
when writing down emotions were so relieving;
read it on a later day, and shed a tear drop or two.
And Hell No, I don't wanna write for a living,
Because that's not what I am Here to do!!

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