Digesting only thoughts,
I drag my feet to walk,
Stray dogs look up, expecting food,
And I, I just smile back at them.
Thinking, “I feel you my friend”

My wallet’s lighter!
People of all shapes, colours and sizes,
Flashy clothes and smiles under flashy neon lights
Inviting, intriguing, Disappointing; life.

Dust - Maya; Dust again,
Currency notes, rolled,
Tapped to ashes, stubbed
The ashes, trickle down and
Disappear. Into the dust, yet again.

Unconditional indeed;
Wants to help you out, to sort it out,
To take you back, to where you were before.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the time when I would tap my feet, just to hear the rhythm of music I so badly wanted to hear. I could not afford the concert tickets. It didn't really bother me. I would walk through the city, to save 6 bucks on the return bus ticket. To smoke the day's last cigarette. Life is simple when the pockets are light. Its easy to choose between taking the easy way or the way that would let me be just me. We'll never meet. We can't afford to offer the other a drink. Its not about money.

  2. Unknown says:

    @scipio, Guess everyone's had that one moment when money is a mere mode of transition but what matters the most is the feel of being.. the essence of living one's life the way one likes. money, has ruined the fun of being in peace with oneself!

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