ever noticed....

Somethings in life.. are never considered important....
like... what i noticed 2 days back..
walking down on the ramp..

I just trembled down my steps
one step front and up, my eyes see the clouds..
Just one single star shining bright..
I look at it as it moves my way..
I go ahead it goes ahead of me...
seemed, 'twas challenging me..
"catch me if you can"

I walk backways..
to check..
and now it seemed.. i'll catch ya kiddoh..!!! :P

Stars are the Happiness in life.. they just walk along...
Perhaps.. if u really are a noticer.. take it this way..
The stars are the sorrows.. the always seem to follow you where ever you go...
Either ways... You are not deprived nor are you alone..!!!


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