"I never knew you should wish when you see a shooting star... and ever since i knew... i never found one to wish.. and when i saw... there was no wish in my mind.. :)"

After a long day of rendering....and some hot coffee and.. some "bakwaaz" talks with friends.... Boof....the power went off.... we all left out.. check'd "Man the sky's clear..!!!!!"

We rushed to the Car park.. the top to garage..
The place which feels like... heaven to sit and cry.. to cherish and laugh... to gossip and prank.... to discuss.. and yeah to lie down and see the beautiful universe across....
"across the universe..."

So, I was lying down on the Garage top... talking.. or more preferably blabering... the plansd of my own house...
How 'd design its interiors all by my own.. i always wished i could have a glass top roof.... wich is so plane that you don't see the glass joints... seemingly... a bare sky sheltering you... But yeah... in the centre of the house. on the top floor... Because, I loe kids.. i love them playing around... and i love my grass roof too...!!!
and imagine... the rain drops... man i'd seem like they're falling ito our eye.. and yeah i'm sure.. someday... i'll close my eyes anticipating the drop to fall on my eyes.. :P
Remember the "Saint Gobain" ad of the fatso women and the chinese guy at the resto?? Lolzz.. that indeed was and excellent ad..!!!

We just walked down.. and there i saw.. "a falling star".. or perhaps "a shooting star", I heard some one say.. wish something.... quick.. but i had nothing to wish.... nothing personal.. nor did i have any practical wishes.. :P
I jus wished so socially just like a gud human... and just kept walking.. i was astonished..
i perhaps have no idea of which word should be entered here.. ecstatic, probably. i duno!!!
the last time i saw a shooting star.. was at Palghat, with mom and gradma..and grampa warning us not to lie on the terrace... Mom was hearing granny gossip.. and yeah there was someone along with us.. dunno who..!!!
I never knew you should wish when you see a shooting star... and ever since i knew... i never found one to wish.. and when i saw... there was no wish in my mind.. :)

Then we just sat at our place in front of the main block, the reception... I just looking at the charm...
I just still wonder.. what if ther's another world.. another solar system.. of whatever they namedit.. there'd be some language.. they'd breathe eat.. live.. would have invented.. may be they still have dinosaurus as their pets..!!
Some day they might do space research.. or whatever they name it as... and come here.. thinkin we are alienns.... :)
i know i think a lot.. but i guess every one has this same question running in their mind..
when ever i think of these.. i dont know... i feel so low.. somethig makes me or perhaps pushes me into the minority.. something makes me feel.. there's no way i can know these.. and if i'm asking someone of all ths.. they think.. one of the nuts have gone loose....!!!

I still have this running in my mind... why are we here.. what do we live for.. who are we.. what is life.. why do we speak.. whey do we love...who is god?? where is he... Is there God??
what is birth... where do we go after we die.. can i see my next generation from heaven....????????
it just makes me feel like a loser.... something that i can never figure out.. a question of all questions which has no solution...


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