I tot i saw a putty cat.. I diiid I diid chaw a putty cat..!!!

There's this new member into our DJAD campus..
the kitten... she's cute.. adorable and what else... a white cat.. not even half foot tall...walking majestic..(though she's scared of stangers)....attatched and too cuddly wuddly..

She walks as if to conquer the world.. her claws clutches on your finger and she tries to bite your skin off.. with her rice grain tooth... She finds my jean so edible.. :P
Well she isn't in my studio so... i don't realy know her...

And yeah the other guests... Turtles...
I just passed through the PG studio... hearing people speaking and diya just called me.... "wanna see turtles"
The overwhelmed me... quickened my pace nearer to the table.. where in i see People standing with a not even quatre foot long turtle in his hand.. trying to examine its sex.. Poor lil turtle potrayed his fear by pulling his baby lil limbs into the beautifully pattern'd shell...
A fact was just passed by then... "we don't know its sex.... until it turns 40"
I was engrosed in thoughts of deepti being a 60 year old femals.. checking her tortoise's sex... :P
and somthing jus irritated me.. i could feel a sense of corrosion on my pants.. something vibrated.. and there i go.. "it was a call.."


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