we were walking, when Dad tossed a coin at the begger on the pavement of Race course.

Since i joined DJ, i've not been a regular walker unlike dad who cribbs for missing a day! anyways, today was no special than any other day but just that thought that dad gives him money everyday struck me. I out of curiosity asked him, "do you give him money everyday??". His answer was quite what i expected but the reason startled me. He said a yes in a simple nod and added, "in a few more years, you cant see people begging on the road much" he said in a melancholious tone and i wondered isn't that something to be happy about?
Guess he noted my reaction and continued his defence or perhaps the reason as it should be adressed, "you wont get punya then cause you cant do charity, so better do it now so that you accumlate enough of virtue to take us to heaven" and he smiled as we fastened our pace.

all i could do was shrug.... but deep in me the lunatic started working again...'nice thought process' it said in a low tone only i could hear!

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