The angel of death called upon me to say

That it be my last stay on earth, today!

I wish I could go back in time, check on all my deeds,

To find out what I have lost in those mysterious woods as seeds,

Of time and of emotions, that I buried deep in the crevasse of my heart

Feeling bereft, I look forward to be nocturnal, and ready to depart.

Praying the darkness wouldn’t break off the woods for now,

So I could take all my time and count what that was, I strew.

Death was coming, and I sit here till its breaking dawn

But wait, there ain’t gonna be no more sun on my horizon!

While a tear drop roll down my cheek, reaching the back of my palm,

The sky cracks open, making it sparkle like a gem, in its flawless gleam,

I tried to pause, but my heart did not cease from its gallop

Brilliant light blinding my eyes, making my escape plans flop.

Million more sparkling stars cracked above my head, adding to the sepulchral light

i shut in, surrendering myself, to the world of nocturnal gloom, confining my sight.

Everything muted, so did my heart, I raised the curtain, yet hesitantly

To find her ever warming smile, greet me in peace, hospitality!

The angel eyes shine, tinted liquid gold, sparkling light in the darkness.

She says onto my ear, “Welcome home, Little Princess!” (Lil angel??)







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