His name is nitish, he's small, cute and adorable and Intuitive!

whenever me or dad go on to our bike or when mom walks out through the gates, he says.. "hi" and we say Hi...and then he'll be like... "where are you going?"... we'd say.. the location..and then the next questions "why do you need to go??". That put me into trouble for the first time.
Too often when i go somewhere i know where i'm going and how and how long its gonna take, but my real necessity for going there remains unknown to me. A lot of times, we are unaware of the real reason for doing somethings. Haven't we been doing things out of compulsion, you still have no idea nor any regret but keep doing it monotonously without any Reason to do it??
So what? we still do the same now... decades past... like i dont really know why i write blogs, take quiz on facebook!

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