a little lift that acts funny?? No... this ain't no time for funny lift fictions (though this lift sure does act funny at times, or rather strange... i should stop beating around the bushes... atleast here, Today!!)
This post is about funny little conversations that happen inside a considerably large lift (one that can hold 26 persons on god knows what weight would fall into this category??)
I study in PSG, yeah a couple of software courses and i'm one of the luckiest i could enter into THE (not any random) engineering college (being an arts student pursuing design).
These guys have a lift at the Y block, the 3rd floor is where my class is. And its practically 'tough' (not impossible) to climp all the way to the 3rd floor avoiding all the wary glances of the nerds and the wanna be guys and girls and their 'butler' ingileess (english as they say it) and me being someone who doesn't look familiar, and no, i can't be a fresher! And so I prefer the lift, and the conversation of the students which probably had started when the lecturer went off or while waiting for the Lift would continue inside the lift. The ones who got in at the 3rd floor have a topic running and the ones that join from the second have different ones and in addition to the ones that join from the first year, Sometimes one could make out stories out of the words that come out from differnt gangs and that could possible turn out to be what one could term as a perverse storyteller..!!
This being the only little enjoyment at this point of time... how could one not laugh when you are at the groundfloor and the people think... who is this nutcrak??


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