Waiting, yes waiting for him to come,
We came all the way from home
To spend a little few minutes
With the man who changed our lives
Who we owe until the end
End of not just our lives, its more.
May be the end of the world, perhaps!

Guruji, Guruji, everyone’s mind heart and soul
Echoes the same thing, their eyes fixed
On the road where the vehicles never stop
Every time a luxury car crosses
Adrenaline shoots up and until the tip of my fingers
On which lay my camera, waiting
Waiting to snap shot a moment, a proof,
I was close to him, a prestige to one’s ego!

Still waiting, my feet conflicting with my will
I’ll wait and take pictures, and won’t I?
Won’t I ever give this pain a damn?
The fight goes on and on
Thoughts gush in waves, I know they’re unwanted.
My heart wants to comment on my neighbours’ outfit
No! I shush it... There is no time to think crap.
I say, “Concentrate, concentrate, dear mind...
One second missed is a huge leap...”
“Yes” my mind replies, “I’m trying”
After all, all I need is to.... Talk?
Nope, all I need is to just see him,
Click a picture of him, a masterpiece?
No, who wants a masterpiece, that’s just for professionals,
All I have to do is catch his smile,
Or giving me a glimpse, an eye contact,
Or just a half profile face at the least.
And what do I need for that?
Luck? A bit of blessings or perhaps more blessings,
Who needs luck when you are in the premise?
The premise of divine presence.


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